Motorhead Orgasmatron Wand Vibrator LHUS LHCA Black

Product Code: MH-63414

World-renowned heavy metal legends Motörhead have turned their attention to your intimate pleasure with their own range of branded sex toys. Prepare for mind-blowing orgasms from the loudest band on Earth.

Plug in, power up and rock out. The Orgasmatron mains-powered pleasure tool is here to knock you out with high voltage electric ecstasy.

Gear up for relentless gratification as the heavy-duty silicone head hammers home intense vibrations. Flip the dial if you dare to apply full-throttle stimulation where you need and want it most.

Orgasmatron. The only thing that’ll stop it is a power cut.

Key Features:

  • Unique massage wand for muscle massage and intimate play.
  • Features a removable silicone head in exclusive War Pig design.
  • Removable head offers smooth and textured sides.
  • Multiple speeds of vibration so you can build to orgasm.
  • Mains-powered wand for unbeatable vibration strength.

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