Lovehoney B2B’s tips for hosting a successful virtual event

by Lovehoney 15 October 2020

Chances are most of us have been a part of a virtual event in some capacity, especially during the current COVID-19 world, whether we’re watching a panel discussion, an interactive webinar or logging on to Zoom to partake in discussions with colleagues or friends. But what really makes a virtual event a success?

The consumer marketing team at global sexual wellness company Lovehoney recently ran three online sexual happiness events, Virtual Camp Lovehoney, executed across the US, UK and Australia, where they invited the public to learn and take inspiration from a wide range of leading sexperts in virtual workshops.

Following the success, Lovehoney shares their tips on how to virtualise your own events.

Planning and promotion

With all of the technology on offer, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. What platforms should I use? How will they integrate together? How will the overall attendee experience be affected?

We chose to run Virtual Camp Lovehoney through video conferencing platform Zoom. This allowed us to transform our content into a fully formed virtual event allowing our panelists to discuss their chosen topics together, plus featuring tools such as chat, Q&As and live polls allowing the audience to interact. It also gave us the option to video record the event, so we can exhaust the content post-event on our social media platforms.

As you get into the specific details of what you want your virtual event to look like, it’s important to take into consideration any conflicting time zones when building out an agenda. We scheduled our US workshops for the afternoon, for example, to ensure we were accommodating to both the East Coast and West Coast demographics, so we could ensure we had the greatest number of attendees tuning in.

Social media is one of the best ways to drum up interest before a virtual event. We built a Facebook event prior, which linked to the Virtual Camp Lovehoney landing page, ensuring they were both kept up to date with regular posts, introducing each of the speakers.

Keep it engaging

When participants are spending the day with your brand from the comfort of their own home, there can be no limit to what can drag their attention away from your event. Choosing a diverse pool of speakers who are experts in their field and will deliver strong and engaging content is key to maintaining your audience’s attention.

Design particular engagement points throughout each session such as Q&As and polls and ensure speakers are fully briefed before going live, so they know to shout out these functions.

If any product is discussed, allow speakers to become acquainted with them ahead of the event, so they can be weaved into conversation in an organic way that won’t come across as advertorial. We used the event as an opportunity to discuss any new products, such as the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Stroker Rabbit Vibrator, to give them a spotlight.

The benefits of going virtual

In times of uncertainty, going virtual allows us to open our doors to consumers in an intimate way like never before. Virtual Camp Lovehoney widened our demographic for potential attendees considerably, as people could dip in quickly with no travel time and costs.

Although virtual events are certainly the new normal, physical events will eventually return. Virtual events should be seen as a new format to capture your wide range of audiences rather than an alternative and should be considered as part of a smart marketing strategy.

How to ensure the success of an in-store display

by Lovehoney 15 October 2020

E-commerce shopping has seen a steep incline in recent years, however the traditional high street is very much still alive. Shoppers still seek the in-person expert advice, the immediate availability and overall customer experience.

Following months of store closures amongst COVID-19 restrictions, the re-opening of shop doors has seen customers return in their multitudes and competition is fierce, making it high time adult toy retailers review their displays, to make the most of the pleasure products they stock.

Lovehoney B2B has shared it’s tips on how brands can ensure their displays are eye-catching and stand-out from the crowd, as well as some expert advice from Tracey Whitmore, owner of family run Vibez Adult Boutique based in Kent, the United Kingdom.

Use branded point of sale materials

Tracey said, “Brands need to establish their own identity against competitors and always focus on their own ranges, using as much information about the product as possible. One way to do this is to ensure you are using eye-catching, fully branded Point Of Sale display materials.”

Lovehoney offers complimentary, Happy Rabbit Point Of Sale including stands, headers and shelving, as well as downloadable sales strips for in-store toy holders. All designed to be informative without being overwhelming and appeal to both sex toy newbies and experts alike.

Create an experience through design

It can be beneficial to think of your store as a newspaper, a place to broadcast the story being a brand, and personality can easily be communicated to the public through design and customisation.

“We always try to add that little bit of pizazz to our ranges, whether it’s through adding texture or aesthetic accessories, and try to display the products in a way that justifies the price point,” says Tracey.

Explore different lighting options

Lighting is a fundamental factor to in-store displays, and will have a huge impact on how they’re received by customers. It has an impressive ability to affect our mood, what we feel, what we think of the product and ultimately the choice of whether we want to purchase or not.

Consider whether you want to create an ambient setting with enough general lighting to light the store, or accent lighting to emphasize a certain display.

Tracey added “Our Happy Rabbit display looks resplendent highlighted by LED lights and the customers are magnetised towards them.”

Change your displays regularly

Holidays and seasons come and go very quickly, and a promotional item has a short shelf life. Therefore it’s important to keep on top of displays to keep up with new arrivals.

Keep new arrivals at the front of your store layout, in their own dedicated space so they are the forefront of shoppers attention.

Product knowledge is key
We know that Point Of Sale will give shoppers a thorough understanding of products, but in retail, customer service is everything. Interaction with customers is what truly gives them the confidence that they’re shopping in the right place.

Stepping into a physical store immerses the shopper into the brand and it should be less about sales conversion, more about converting people with a memorable experience which will make a lasting impression.

Tracey emphasises, “Product knowledge instils confidence and the belief that these products will satisfy beyond expectations!”

Lovehoney wins big at the ETO awards 2020

by Lovehoney 23 September 2020

Lovehoney is delighted to announce that they have scooped up not one but three awards at the annual Erotic Trade Only (ETO) awards, winning Best Online Retailer, Best Brand Ambassador for Kate Hodgson-Egan, and Best Sales Team.

The prestigious ETO awards took place virtually for the first time ever over the weekend and recognises excellence in the sex toy and adult industries.

Best Brand Ambassador winner and International Sales Manager Kate Hodgson-Egan said, "It is an honour to have won three awards at this year’s ETO Awards. 2020 has been a strange year full of challenges for everyone and we’re extremely proud of Lovehoney's recent successes. Everybody has worked incredibly hard and these awards are a fitting recognition for their efforts”

“Winning an ETO award means so much to Lovehoney because the awards are chosen by the people who are most important to us - our customers.”

The COVID-19 sex toy boom has seen a huge sales surge for Lovehoney, and their customer base has grown considerably this year. As users scooped up their best-selling Happy Rabbit and Fifty Shades of Grey ranges to keep them occupied during the long lockdown days, they will be happy to know that Lovehoney is due to launch a host of exciting new products to these ranges in October 2020, and is looking forward to celebrating the 20 year Fifty Shades of Grey anniversary next year.

Lovehoney B2B launches into Waitrose

by Lovehoney 10 August 2020

Lovehoney B2B is excited to announce that it has launched four lubricants onto British supermarket giant Waitrose’s website.

The sexual wellness company hopes that the move will introduce a fresh audience to the brand and promote happier sex lives.

Lubricants have soared in popularity in recent years, as people understand the benefits of regularly using lubricant for better sex, and that it doesn’t mean a lack of arousal. The range of water-based lubricants in varying sizes are designed for everyday use and the high-quality formula ensures a little goes a long way.

Products launching on the Waitrose website include:

Lovehoney Delight Lube x 100ml

Lovehoney Delight Lube x 250ml

Lovehoney Enjoy Lube x 100ml

Lovehoney Enjoy Lube x 250ml

Kate Hodgson-Egan, International Sales Manager at Lovehoney, comments; ‘Waitrose has a great reputation and is a trusted, premium name in retail, so the launch comes as a huge move for Lovehoney and we’re excited to reach more customers this way.

Lubricants appeal to all groups of people and the launch demonstrates their demand and status as valuable sexual wellness products.’

The products are available for purchase within limited areas and are now available to buy online through