Five ways the Lovehoney B2B team provide crucial support to retailers

by Lovehoney 22 May 2020

Lovehoney pride themselves as being the sexual happiness people and have always committed to supporting their retailers by providing a quality service and access to beneficial assets.

The impact of the recent COVID-19 disruption has meant that many companies across the globe have been forced to work from home and millions others furloughed, greatly limiting resources and creating challenges.

Therefore, to ensure retailers are making the most of the service provided, Jade Bawa, Sales Executive at Lovehoney B2B shares five ways the team is able to provide support during these difficult times.

The services provided are designed to in turn create a positive shopping experience for the customer, leading to an increase in sales – which no one wants to miss out on!

1) Make use of the Lovehoney dedicated B2B website where you can easily download high quality product images, video content, web banners, social media friendly images and GIFs for your own website and social media pages.

Eye-catching visual content is one of the best ways to draw customers in and achieve the best results for your brand. Not only will consistently adding new content to your website and social media improve your search engine rankings, but your website will appear more personable and trust-worthy. This will make a better impact on customers as humans are, after all, visual creatures.

Additionally, if there is any hesitation in making a purchase or a lack of understanding about the quality of a product, then high resolution imagery and video content can be just as effective as handling the product in person.

2) Request product samples for your own sales video content.

Whether you are making a short 30 second clip tailored for social media or longer content explaining product features, videos are a fundamental way to increase relate-ability and trust with customers.

Speak directly to your customers by putting your own unique stamp on a video. Every brand has its own identity and visuals are a great way to help set you apart from competitors and demonstrate the personality of your brand while highlighting the product features.

3) Utilise the Lovehoney branded point of sale material available to create the perfect display.

Using the point of sale at hand will help to effectively deliver marketing messages and create a lasting impression when customers visit your shop. Whether you are trying to create an eye-catching display, highlight new products or encourage impulse buys, making use of Lovehoney’s high-quality point of sale material will help you to achieve this.

4) Consider giving away gifts with purchase items.

Gifts are a great way to make a customer feel valued and subsequently leave them wanting to shop with you again. Even if the gift is small, it can still go a long way in improving customer satisfaction and creating a positive experience.

Enquire at or your account manager to find out more what options are available to you.

5) Take advantage of online training with representatives.

Product knowledge is key to gaining the customer’s trust. Ensuring your workforce are knowledgeable and confident in what they’re selling is the first step to great sales.

You can increase your understanding of the Lovehoney brand values and products by taking advantage of online training sessions with their representatives. Training sessions will help you to create better experiences for your customers, as you will be able to effectively communicate product features and turn these into benefits when they engage with you.

Lovehoney B2B can also provide staff sample review programmes so that you are able to handle products in person, providing greater understanding of features. They can also supply detailed sales sheets which are perfect for adding to your telephone sales scripts.

Lovehoney B2B release striking new Happy Rabbit online assets

by Lovehoney 22 May 2020

Lovehoney B2B have announced the release of exciting new online assets tailored for social media use, which are now available for download from the Happy Rabbit section of the Lovehoney trade website.

These new assets coincide with the launch of three new additions to the Happy Rabbit range as well as a gifting orgasm pack, so retailers have imagery ready to spread the news about the launch with their own followers if needed.

The new imagery includes four versions of an eye-catching design with the phrase ‘More Power To You’, which have been pre-sized specifically for Instagram feeds and stories, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

The quirky design highlights the fun, vibrant personality of the Happy Rabbit range and the lightning bolt imagery illustrates the powerful speed settings the rabbits have to offer.

Lovehoney B2B have designed these assets with the customer in mind and encourage using striking imagery such as this on retailer’s own social media pages to stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

In addition to the online assets, samples for the three new Happy Rabbit SKUs will be available in July, so retailers can put their own stamp on a sales video which are perfect for their own social media channels. If of interest, contact to pre-order now.

Lovehoney B2B also has sales sheets available for download, which are perfect for telephone sales use.

Lovehoney adds Happy Rabbit Orgasm Kit to collection

by Lovehoney 22 May 2020

Lovehoney B2B has launched a Happy Rabbit Orgasm Kit as the latest addition to their Happy Rabbit range of products, which incorporates a bullet vibrator and orgasm gel. The packs are available for pre-order now, and will be shipped in July.

The silky-smooth silicone vibrator features 3 powerful speeds, which the Happy Rabbit range are renowned for as well as 9 vibration patterns. It’s also conveniently waterproof and battery operated (requires 1x AAA battery - not included).

The 30ml Orgasm Gel is luxuriously light and boosts skin sensitivity, leading to amplified orgasms. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Jade Bawa, Sales Executive for Lovehoney comments “There was a lot of demand for a pack that includes a rabbit toy and orgasm gel as naturally the two go hand in hand, so this is a really exciting addition for us. We can’t wait to see what our customers think of the pack, and look forward to receiving their feedback!”

The price for the Orgasm Kit is €28.95/ $29.99/ £24.99.

Contact or visit for more information or to place a pre-order.

Shipping will be available from USA or UK trade warehouses July 2020.

Lovehoney B2B extends mainstream offering with Lloyds Pharmacy

by Lovehoney 24 March 2020

Lovehoney B2B is extending its mainstream retail offering by stocking a range of toys and lubricants online with Lloyds Pharmacy.
By forming a new partnership with the leading pharmaceutical retailer, the world’s largest sexual happiness brand is hoping to introduce and educate a fresh new audience on the importance of a happy sex life.
The new move from Lovehoney is another example of the expanding sex toy industry, a market that is predicted to continue to grow in popularity at an exceptional rate. The global market is expected to grow by £7.5 billion by 20232 to a whopping £25.5 billion1
Lovehoney first ventured into the mainstream market last year with a range launched instore and online in Boots, and these retail moves, alongside burgeoning market growth, shows that sex toys are gaining serious mainstream appeal.
The Lloyds range, which includes a rabbit and kegel balls as well as penis pumps from the popular Tracey Cox collection, are aimed at users of all levels, including those who are brand new to the market, with an emphasis on sexual wellbeing.
Customers will be able to purchase the below items online from Lloyds Pharmacy, all in appealing pastel colours at a lower price point for users of all experience levels:
Lovehoney Awaken Ripple Vibrator
Lovehoney Awaken Rabbit Vibrator
Lovehoney Awaken G-Spot Vibrator
Lovehoney Awaken Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite Bullet Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite Finger Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite Pleasure Balls
Lovehoney Excite Rabbit Love Ring
Lovehoney Boost Vibrating Love Ring
Lovehoney Boost Double Vibrating Love ring
Lovehoney Boost Mega Vibrating Love Ring
Lovehoney Boost Comfort Cushion Love Ring
As well as this, the below products are also available with a further emphasis on sexual wellbeing:
Lovehoney BASICS Textured Penis Pump
Lovehoney Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Suction Rechargeable Penis Pump
Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump
Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring
Lovehoney Enjoy Water-based Lubricant 100ml/250ml
Lovehoney Delight Extra Silky Lubricant 100ml/250ml
Lovehoney Discover Water-based Anal Lubricant 100ml/250ml
Lovehoney Stay Delay Spray 50ml
Kate Hodgson-Egan, International Sales Manager at Lovehoney, comments; “Entering the mainstream retail market was a huge move for Lovehoney last year and we’re excited to extend our reach through our new partnership with Lloyds Pharmacy
“Lovehoney are the sexual happiness people and we’re proud to be spreading our message even further with Lloyds customers, helping everyone have a happy and fulfilled sex life’.