Lovehoney launch virtual training via Facebook Live

by Lovehoney 30 June 2020

Lovehoney B2B are offering virtual training sessions via Facebook Live and Zoom, to keep retailers up to date with new products and their features, as well as brand training or refresher courses.

The newest mode of online training from Lovehoney is via Facebook Live, and the first session took place on the 10th June on SPAM (Sex Professionals and Manufacturers), which is a Facebook group created by Megan Swartz from the Deja Vu store in Las Vegas. The group acts as a resource for retailers to receive up to date information and training.

The training session covered Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit and Fifty Shades Of Grey collections, including new launches and bestsellers. The video is available for playback from the platform and Lovehoney representatives are offering to schedule further training with retailers directly upon request (please email

In light of the COVID-19 disruption, a large emphasis has been placed on virtual training from the sexual wellness brand, as they strive to support retailers in these challenging times.

Lovehoney Sales Manager Sabrina Earnshaw says “Providing online support to our customers and retailers is a big priority for us. Our first Facebook Live was so much fun and we are excited to carry out more training in this way due to the platform's ability to speak to people in an intimate and engaging way.”

The sexual wellness brand are offering sessions tailored to individual needs and timezones, and can provide resources such as sales sheets and samples prior, so you can handle the product in real time, giving a better understanding of their benefits.

If you want to arrange your own online training session or have any questions, reach out to

Alternatively, head to Lovehoney’s dedicated B2B website, where promotional online assets are available for download.

Lovehoney announces new Happy Rabbit point of sale material

by Lovehoney 24 June 2020

Lovehoney, the global leader in sexual wellness, has announced the release of new Happy Rabbit point of sale materials including stands, headers and shelving, as well as downloadable sales strips for in-store toy holders.

The new sales material coincides with the reopening of non-essential shops across the World, so retailers can make the most of their creative displays to entice shoppers and help prospective customers make purchase decisions.

The clear and concise instore merchandising materials are designed to be informative without being overwhelming and are appealing to both sex toy newbies and experts alike. The quirky designs also highlight the range’s fun and vibrant personality.

The Happy Rabbit collection has been highly in-demand throughout the lockdown period and saw a 45% increase in sales year on year in April and May, proving that users have been hopping-mad for the powerful sensations the rabbits have to offer.

As many shoppers move back to the physical brick and mortar mode of shopping, it’s never been a better time to review displays and ensure POS stands are deployed effectively and strategically.

To find out which POS display is right for your store or to order, contact

Five reasons businesses should place a larger focus on product quality

by Lovehoney 10 June 2020

The old saying of quality over quantity has stood the test of time and still holds value in today’s business landscape. Brand reputation and sustainability all come from a manufacturer's ability to provide a quality product or service and arguably speaks louder than any other aspect of their operations.

In the adult industry today, consumers are overwhelmed with different choices. With the rise of e-commerce websites, cheap low-quality sex toys and even counterfeights are readily available. But in the long run, this only leads to unsatisfied customers.

Lovehoney’s mantra is to share sexual happiness globally and we understand that in order to do this, producing sexual wellness products of the highest possible standards is fundamental.

Jade Bawa, sales executive for Lovehoney B2B shares five reasons retailers should focus on product quality when buying and building their stock and why it will create wins far more meaningful than just increased sales.

1. Build trust with your customers

Trust is the most powerful sales vehicle there is, and it is earned each time a product or service delivers more than is expected. We recommend monitoring customer satisfaction through social media and product reviews, so you are aware of how users perceive the quality of your products and which areas are in need of improvement.

At Lovehoney, we are driven by consumer feedback and it has certainly helped shape our best-selling Happy Rabbit range. From listening intently to what our customers want and expect in a product, we put an immense focus into the exclusive design, from everything to its innovative modern sex tech to its powerful, quiet motors.

This in-turn means our customers are always keen to hear about any new products from the range, as they trust it will deliver.

2. Increases word of mouth and positive reviews

It goes without saying that the higher the brand quality, the better chance they’ll have at fueling positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations, both of which are an incredibly important factor when reaching new audiences.

Running cross-channel campaigns which include positive testimonials is a great way to highlight product quality and ignite excitement. It is also important to respond to reviews, positive or negative, as a part of what makes a quality product goes hand in hand with the customer service that comes along with it.

3. Reduces customer complaints and returns

Studies have shown time and time again that brands who produce high-quality products will obtain more repeat purchases. Spending more time and money fine-tuning a product before it hits the market will decrease customer complaints and returns, both of which take up a long part of businesses time in the long run.

Undertaking vigorous consumer testing or market research is something that Lovehoney carries out regularly, as people’s honest opinions are something that can be utilised to boost the quality of a product or service.

4. It’s better for the environment

As the previous throwaway culture of buying habits is decreasing and momentum around sustainability is at an all time high, companies are having to take a hard look at how they do business and make ethical changes.

Striving to use the best possible materials, so that your product can stand the test of time for years to come is important as it decreases the need to needlessly replace that item, needlessly using up more resources.

5. Produce a higher return of investment (ROI)

Some brands try to cut costs while developing a product, but this only leads to dissatisfaction.

Studies show a strong association between product quality and profitability. In fact they also show that high quality creates a higher return on investment for any given market share.

The positive correlation between product quality and profitability should be reason enough to make improving quality a priority in a business strategy. However, the trust, credibility, and loyalty that comes from happy customers builds repeat sales and helps a company reach new audiences.

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