Lovehoney on the importance of setting aside time for learning at work

by Lovehoney 28 July 2020

It is a fact that the world is perpetually changing, with new discoveries happening each day which change the way people view the world. One of the most effective ways of dealing with change is through ongoing learning.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney understands that learning is a vital tool for personal and business growth. So, they have been dedicating an hour of company time each week to complete a Learning Hour, which quite simply means they are encouraging teams to stop work and take some time out for personal learning.

That might mean reading an educational book or magazine, researching a topic online or watching a TED Talk or Youtube clip. The decision is left to the individual.

Additionally to independent learning, the company has been offering ‘takeover’ sessions, where the teams are asked to focus on specific topics, such as Unconscious Bias, utilising the learning documents provided.

Sales Executive at Lovehoney, Jade Bawa, shares five reasons why setting aside time for learning at work is paramount for personal and company growth.

1) More knowledgeable employees

Learning hours are likely to develop employee knowledge and skills they may not have acquired otherwise.
This will result in increased business efficiency, as there will be more in-house expertise available.

2) Helps the company to remain relevant

Continuing with learning throughout your career keeps you up-to-date with advances and changes in new technology, meaning you will adapt better as innovation changes ways of working. Employees will stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape, as the economy evolves and technology improves.

3) Improves innovation

Having the mindset that you can never know enough and are always questioning yourself is crucial for staying innovative. Approaching the world with this ‘beginner’s mindset’ means we look for ways to give ourselves a fresh perspective. You subsequently open your mind to new things and become more willing to entertain new ideas.

4) Changes your perspective

Learning enables us to form critical awareness and a new perspective for important issues at hand. Our recent Unconscious Bias training session, for instance, lit up crucial conversations on the topic and opened our eyes up as a company on ways we can be improving, in order to stamp out bias in the workplace.

5) Reinforces the overall company culture

A learning culture is instilled when a business puts a strong emphasis on encouraging its employees to understand its values, practices and beliefs. This empowers staff to obtain the knowledge and abilities needed to perform at their best, better satisfy your customers, and help your business to grow.

Lovehoney collaborate with Nytelse on new podcast campaign

by Lovehoney 22 July 2020

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney are excited to announce the collaboration between Norwegian sex toy retailer Nytelse and their new podcast campaign.

Through the magic of an iTunes feature image, the podcast’s host will be shown immersed in a bath of hot pink happy rabbit vibrators helping to bring the podcast’s fun, open personality to life.

Nytelse’s Klimaks is a new weekly podcast from sexologist Maria K. Ebbestad, which probes everything to do with sex, featuring a variety of exciting guests and sexperts each week, who discuss everything from masturbation and sex drive, to anal sex and swingers.

Nytelse wanted to create a feature image for the podcast which popped out amongst the busy iTunes feed, helping them stand out from the crowd compared to other podcasts.

A Nytelse spokesperson says “The colourful vibrators from happy rabbit were a perfect match for this photoshoot, and the result looks amazing. The Klimaks podcast premiered on the 29th June, and was a huge success right away.”

The Lovehoney B2B team are elated with the collaboration and and thanks Nytelese for their help and support with the brand.

Lovehoney B2B are shipping new happy rabbit products

by Lovehoney 15 July 2020

Lovehoney B2B are now shipping the latest additions to its popular Happy Rabbit range, which include the following toys and products:

Happy Rabbit G-spot Stroker
Happy Rabbit Curve Power Motion
Happy Rabbit Realistic Dual Density
Happy Rabbit Orgasm Gift Set

All four of these new products are conveniently waterproof and incorporate all of the powerful sensations the happy rabbit range has to offer.

The Orgasm Gift Set comprises a silky-smooth silicone bullet vibrator and luxuriously light orgasm gel, two of which go hand in hand.

The three new high-tech rabbits all boast 15 different powerful sensations with varying vibration speeds and patterns. The G-spot Stroker features a moulded tip with a G-spot stroking function, whereas the Curve Power Motion helps your G-spot enjoy satisfying thrusts. The Realistic Dual Density is perfect for those with a love of a lifelike feel, thanks to its unbelievably soft liquid silicone.
The new toys and products have been causing a stir amongst users already, with some leaving reeling reviews online.

Reviewing the G-spot Stroker, one said “I would go as far as to say that this is the best rabbit ever, I really don't think things could get better than this. The wave of the head is astoundingly good and teamed with the strong vibrations from the ears means there's only one result...a body shaking orgasm!”

Another reviewed the Orgasm Gift Set, saying “With the compact size it is ideal to take on holiday and nights away. I most definitely had a strong, long-lasting orgasm with these pair of buddies, and will for sure use both again very soon.”

To coincide with the launch of these four new products, Lovehoney B2B are also offering retailers exciting promotional assets which include interactive GIFs, web banners, imagery, retail leaflets and adverts, all of which are available on their trade website

For more information or to place an order, please contact

Lovehoney reflect on a first virtual AVN show

by Lovehoney 15 July 2020

AVN is always an important date in Lovehoney B2B’s diary, and following the news that this year’s show would be taking place virtually, the team were keen to catch up with customers and see how the event differed from other years.

Across the five days of online meetings, group presentations and workshops, the team showcased the full Happy Rabbit collection, including their three latest rabbits, the G-spot Stroker, Curve Power Motion and Realistic Dual Density as well as their new butt plugs which will be shipping in October.

They also showcased their new Fifty Shades of Grey collection which will also be shipping in October, and received great feedback on the environmentally friendly packaging for the new Bondage pieces in particular.

The team chatted through their upcoming marketing plans, with the ten year anniversary of the Fifty Shades Of Grey collection coming up in 2021.

Furthermore, Lovehoney’s support for retailers was discussed, covering point of sale materials, testers and digital assets, such as Happy Rabbit social media images. They also highlighted their virtual training offerings, which are designed to help customers become experts in the products.

The team found that one of the biggest advantages of the show going virtual, is that it allowed the event to reach a bigger audience, as they got to meet attendees who do not normally attend trade shows.

Sabrina Earnshaw, Sales Manager at Lovehoney comments “Lovehoney B2B uses shows such as AVN as an opportunity to catch up with current customers as well as meeting potential new customers that we look forward to building a relationship with. The only thing we missed was enjoying a cocktail with everyone!”

Lovehoney B2B gives thanks to Sara, Beth and Tim from AVN for scheduling this first virtual tradeshow.

To find out more information on the above products, or any other toys and accessories or offerings that Lovehoney B2B provides, please visit or email

Lovehoney launch virtual training via Facebook Live

by Lovehoney 30 June 2020

Lovehoney B2B are offering virtual training sessions via Facebook Live and Zoom, to keep retailers up to date with new products and their features, as well as brand training or refresher courses.

The newest mode of online training from Lovehoney is via Facebook Live, and the first session took place on the 10th June on SPAM (Sex Professionals and Manufacturers), which is a Facebook group created by Megan Swartz from the Deja Vu store in Las Vegas. The group acts as a resource for retailers to receive up to date information and training.

The training session covered Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit and Fifty Shades Of Grey collections, including new launches and bestsellers. The video is available for playback from the platform and Lovehoney representatives are offering to schedule further training with retailers directly upon request (please email

In light of the COVID-19 disruption, a large emphasis has been placed on virtual training from the sexual wellness brand, as they strive to support retailers in these challenging times.

Lovehoney Sales Manager Sabrina Earnshaw says “Providing online support to our customers and retailers is a big priority for us. Our first Facebook Live was so much fun and we are excited to carry out more training in this way due to the platform's ability to speak to people in an intimate and engaging way.”

The sexual wellness brand are offering sessions tailored to individual needs and timezones, and can provide resources such as sales sheets and samples prior, so you can handle the product in real time, giving a better understanding of their benefits.

If you want to arrange your own online training session or have any questions, reach out to

Alternatively, head to Lovehoney’s dedicated B2B website, where promotional online assets are available for download.

Lovehoney announces new Happy Rabbit point of sale material

by Lovehoney 24 June 2020

Lovehoney, the global leader in sexual wellness, has announced the release of new Happy Rabbit point of sale materials including stands, headers and shelving, as well as downloadable sales strips for in-store toy holders.

The new sales material coincides with the reopening of non-essential shops across the World, so retailers can make the most of their creative displays to entice shoppers and help prospective customers make purchase decisions.

The clear and concise instore merchandising materials are designed to be informative without being overwhelming and are appealing to both sex toy newbies and experts alike. The quirky designs also highlight the range’s fun and vibrant personality.

The Happy Rabbit collection has been highly in-demand throughout the lockdown period and saw a 45% increase in sales year on year in April and May, proving that users have been hopping-mad for the powerful sensations the rabbits have to offer.

As many shoppers move back to the physical brick and mortar mode of shopping, it’s never been a better time to review displays and ensure POS stands are deployed effectively and strategically.

To find out which POS display is right for your store or to order, contact