Lovehoney wins big at the ETO awards 2020

by Lovehoney 23 September 2020

Lovehoney is delighted to announce that they have scooped up not one but three awards at the annual Erotic Trade Only (ETO) awards, winning Best Online Retailer, Best Brand Ambassador for Kate Hodgson-Egan, and Best Sales Team.

The prestigious ETO awards took place virtually for the first time ever over the weekend and recognises excellence in the sex toy and adult industries.

Best Brand Ambassador winner and International Sales Manager Kate Hodgson-Egan said, "It is an honour to have won three awards at this year’s ETO Awards. 2020 has been a strange year full of challenges for everyone and we’re extremely proud of Lovehoney's recent successes. Everybody has worked incredibly hard and these awards are a fitting recognition for their efforts”

“Winning an ETO award means so much to Lovehoney because the awards are chosen by the people who are most important to us - our customers.”

The COVID-19 sex toy boom has seen a huge sales surge for Lovehoney, and their customer base has grown considerably this year. As users scooped up their best-selling Happy Rabbit and Fifty Shades of Grey ranges to keep them occupied during the long lockdown days, they will be happy to know that Lovehoney is due to launch a host of exciting new products to these ranges in October 2020, and is looking forward to celebrating the 20 year Fifty Shades of Grey anniversary next year.

Lovehoney B2B extends mainstream offering with Superdrug

by Lovehoney 14 September 2020

Lovehoney B2B is extending its mainstream retail offering by stocking a range of sex toys online and in-store with Superdrug.

The sexual wellness company hopes that the partnership with the leading health and beauty retailer will introduce a fresh new audience to the brand and promote happier sex lives.

The new move from Lovehoney is another example of the mainstream acceptance and availability of sex toys, which is now an unstoppable market worth billions.

Lovehoney first embarked into the mainstream market in 2019 and sees it as an important priority for the business. These retail advances, alongside flourishing market growth, demonstrate that sex toy positivity is gaining widespread mainstream traction.

The Superdrug range includes four products which are aimed at users of all levels, including those who are brand new to sex toys, with the underlying theme of sexual wellbeing.

Customers will be able to purchase the below items online and into 433 stores from Superdrug, all following an eye-catching bright colourway at an affordable price point for users of all experience levels:

Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Bullet Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Finger Vibrator
Lovehoney Excite 10 Function Rabbit Love Ring
Lovehoney Excite Silicone Pleasure Balls

Sarah Poole, National Account Manager at Lovehoney, comments; ‘We are hugely excited to have launched into Superdrug and this is a significant step for Lovehoney. It’s no secret that sex toys are becoming increasingly more mainstream and accessible and people are becoming more comfortable in buying them, helping healthier, happier sex lives be more accessible too!’

The products are available for purchase online now through and will go live in-store and in larger Superdrug stores on the 31st August.

Lovehoney B2B launches Happy Rabbit butt plugs

by Lovehoney 14 September 2020

Global sexual wellness brand Lovehoney is excited to launch the first range of butt plugs to their popular Happy Rabbit range, encompassing three non vibrating and three vibrating butt plugs.

The new Happy Rabbit products include:

Happy Rabbit Non Vibrating Butt Plug Small (£22.99/ €26.95/ €26.95)
Happy Rabbit Non Vibrating Butt Plug Medium (£24.99/ €29.95/ $29.99)
Happy Rabbit Non Vibrating Butt Plug Large (£26.99/ €32.95/ $32.99)
Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug Small (£49.99/ €59.95/ $59.99)
Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug Medium (£54.99/ €64.95/ $69.99)
Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrating Butt Plug Large (£59.99/ €69.95/ $74.99)

Each of the new products incorporate a fluffy faux fur bunny tail, which adds a touch of fun to foreplay, role play and sex. The plugs are made using luxuriously soft silicone and feature a smooth curved bulb and tapered tip for increased comfort.

There is also a size option available for everyone, with small, medium or large to choose from in both the non vibrating and vibrating plugs.

The three vibrating butt plugs comprise of all the power of the Happy Rabbit vibrators, taking anal play to the next level. Each product features 3 speeds and 9 patterns for users to explore and are 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable for you to use anytime, anywhere. And if that wasn’t enough, the three vibrating toys also include two bases to choose from - the fluffy faux fur bunny tail and a sparkling jewelled base, allowing you to switch things up depending on your mood.

The Happy Rabbit butt plugs are available for pre-order now, with a shipment date of October 2020.

Lovehoney wins £250k of Out Of Home media value in the UK with Ocean

by Lovehoney 26 August 2020

Leading sexual wellbeing brand and online retailer Lovehoney has won a £250,000 ad campaign as runners up of the Ocean Out Of Home competition.

The series of digital ads come after Lovehoney scooped up the runners up prize in media company Ocean Outdoor’s recent Crucial Creative competition, which was launched back in May to help kickstart the industry as lockdown eased.

The ‘Light Relief In Lockdown’ campaign was created by Lovehoney’s ad agency Brave and was praised by judges for ‘combining great copywriting with an obvious understanding of the consumer, based on good research.’.

Phil Hall, Ocean Outdoor joint managing director said, “Focusing on the new vocabulary of social distancing, lockdown and masks, Brave has linked this to Lovehoney’s range of products to raise a smile. Acknowledging that some may find it risqué, the judges felt it was both cheeky and grown-up without appearing smutty or crass, leaving the viewer to find the joke by letting the logo do a lot of the work.”

Helen Balmer, Lovehoney Brand and Marketing Director, said: “We have really enjoyed working with Brave on another award winning campaign. Our aim was to create a message/campaign which not only raises a smile, but also conveys that sexual happiness can support our overall wellbeing during these unprecedented times.”

The campaign will be running from the 26th August until the 8th September as digital display boards, with the majority being placed in key locations around London, as well as one in Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.

This out of home campaign is the first of its kind for Lovehoney and demonstrates the growing widespread acceptance of sex toys.

Lovehoney B2B’s tips for using social media to promote your business

by Lovehoney 26 August 2020

In recent years, and notably since COVID-19 has disrupted the world, social media usage has seen an astronomical boom. For instance in March this year, Facebook’s Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users saw a 10% year-on-year increase respectively.

This growth has meant that social media has become an absolute must for marketeers. It is the place where customers can interact with businesses, giving both parties the ability to ask questions, repost each other's content and build on-going relationships.

Getting started with social media marketing is not always an easy task, so Sales Executive Jade Bawa shares six tips on how to effectively promote your business through social media.

1) Choose the right platform

It is important to determine your goals when deciding on your social media marketing strategy, in order to choose the right social media platform. For instance, do you want to encourage communication with your customers? Or do you want to drive brand awareness?

Once you have these set goals in mind, research the social media platforms available to you and their uses. It can also be beneficial to think about how you use social media as a consumer. For example, think about how you would go to Facebook as a way to connect with others, to Twitter to receive short, impactful pieces of information, or to Instagram for visual content.

2) Create a content calendar

It’s important to plan your posts far in advance, so you are producing the highest quality content. Failing to be organised and planning your content could mean you are creating repetitive posts or missing out on key dates.

Creating a social media content calendar will help you create goals and strategies, and help you track your progress

Keeping an eye on national holidays and important dates in the calendar that relate to your business is beneficial, so you can join in with discussions via hashtags. This will be a great way to introduce more people to your page who are using the same hashtag.

3) Encourage engagement

For brands with an online presence, a high engagement rate is often a strong indicator that you’re making an impact in the market.

It’s not about appearing popular, it’s about making meaningful connections with your audience which will in-turn improve the chances of boosting your ROI. It will also help build a sense of community to your page as it becomes a place where people go to engage with each other and promote your content.

Use your creativity when thinking of engagement boosting content. For instance, encourage conversation through asking questions or encouraging hashtag usage, likes and comments and running competitions or polls.

It's important to always track engagement levels, so you can learn what your audience responds well to, so you can repeat similar techniques.

4) Do not over promote

One trap that businesses often fall into is treating their social media content as an advertisement for their business and products.

Some marketers follow the one in seven rule, which means that for every one promotional post, this is followed by six posts which are content-based. You could share articles, images or spark conversation through asking questions. It is fine to mention your brand in these posts, just be careful not to sell too hard.

5) Share images and video content

Visual content works extremely well on social media. As people scroll mindlessly through their busy social media feeds, images and video acts as a great way to grab attention.

Lovehoney B2B understands this and has a host of eye-catching social media visual assets available for download to retailers on their trade website, free of charge. These are designed with the customer in mind and act as a way to make your content stand out amongst the crowd. For more information on this offering, email or contact your account manager.

6) Provide value

The overall point you should consider when developing social media campaigns is that your content must provide value to your customers.
Whether it teaches your followers new things, make them laugh, or act as food for thought, this valuable content will be the thing that makes your brand leave a lasting impression on their mind.

Master this, and you’ll be a step closer to achieving a successful marketing campaign, as you will have attracted new followers, which in turn could grow your customer base significantly.

Lovehoney B2B launches into Waitrose

by Lovehoney 10 August 2020

Lovehoney B2B is excited to announce that it has launched four lubricants onto British supermarket giant Waitrose’s website.

The sexual wellness company hopes that the move will introduce a fresh audience to the brand and promote happier sex lives.

Lubricants have soared in popularity in recent years, as people understand the benefits of regularly using lubricant for better sex, and that it doesn’t mean a lack of arousal. The range of water-based lubricants in varying sizes are designed for everyday use and the high-quality formula ensures a little goes a long way.

Products launching on the Waitrose website include:

Lovehoney Delight Lube x 100ml

Lovehoney Delight Lube x 250ml

Lovehoney Enjoy Lube x 100ml

Lovehoney Enjoy Lube x 250ml

Kate Hodgson-Egan, International Sales Manager at Lovehoney, comments; ‘Waitrose has a great reputation and is a trusted, premium name in retail, so the launch comes as a huge move for Lovehoney and we’re excited to reach more customers this way.

Lubricants appeal to all groups of people and the launch demonstrates their demand and status as valuable sexual wellness products.’

The products are available for purchase within limited areas and are now available to buy online through

Lovehoney on the importance of setting aside time for learning at work

by Lovehoney 28 July 2020

It is a fact that the world is perpetually changing, with new discoveries happening each day which change the way people view the world. One of the most effective ways of dealing with change is through ongoing learning.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney understands that learning is a vital tool for personal and business growth. So, they have been dedicating an hour of company time each week to complete a Learning Hour, which quite simply means they are encouraging teams to stop work and take some time out for personal learning.

That might mean reading an educational book or magazine, researching a topic online or watching a TED Talk or Youtube clip. The decision is left to the individual.

Additionally to independent learning, the company has been offering ‘takeover’ sessions, where the teams are asked to focus on specific topics, such as Unconscious Bias, utilising the learning documents provided.

Sales Executive at Lovehoney, Jade Bawa, shares five reasons why setting aside time for learning at work is paramount for personal and company growth.

1) More knowledgeable employees

Learning hours are likely to develop employee knowledge and skills they may not have acquired otherwise.
This will result in increased business efficiency, as there will be more in-house expertise available.

2) Helps the company to remain relevant

Continuing with learning throughout your career keeps you up-to-date with advances and changes in new technology, meaning you will adapt better as innovation changes ways of working. Employees will stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape, as the economy evolves and technology improves.

3) Improves innovation

Having the mindset that you can never know enough and are always questioning yourself is crucial for staying innovative. Approaching the world with this ‘beginner’s mindset’ means we look for ways to give ourselves a fresh perspective. You subsequently open your mind to new things and become more willing to entertain new ideas.

4) Changes your perspective

Learning enables us to form critical awareness and a new perspective for important issues at hand. Our recent Unconscious Bias training session, for instance, lit up crucial conversations on the topic and opened our eyes up as a company on ways we can be improving, in order to stamp out bias in the workplace.

5) Reinforces the overall company culture

A learning culture is instilled when a business puts a strong emphasis on encouraging its employees to understand its values, practices and beliefs. This empowers staff to obtain the knowledge and abilities needed to perform at their best, better satisfy your customers, and help your business to grow.